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WCI Meeting Minutes

As of October 11, 2015, our Whole Church Initiative team is currently meeting weekly on Sunday from 11a to 12p. Our meetings are closed, but we welcome your interest and input. Below are our meeting minutes. If you have any questions or comments on them, please contact Pastor Bryson or Kris Novik.  Thanks so much, and we look forward to sharing the vision we discern with the Holy Spirit!

Good Afternoon, 

Below are the minutes for Sundays meeting. 
Those Present, Bryson, Ruth, Mike, Kat and Kris 

- Good News! We have volunteers and a large donation for the nursery! My sister also gave us a high chair and two large pillows for the re-establishment! 

- Seeing some new people in church as well as the return of others we have not seen in a while. 

- Talked briefly about the projector and updating the technology and also about Icon Church 

- Are we being transparent enough with the congregation? Are our small groups explaining what we are doing? 

- Advertising for our church, Social media and Twitter. Both Possibilities. We have Childcare, we have good music, etc. 

- Discussed the top three groups in our Community.  Fast Track Couples, Babies and Bliss, Cul De Sac Diversity. 

Thoughts for our next meeting.. What can we do in the community to reach out to these folks? 

Our next conference is on Saturday in Fort Morgan. We will be meeting at Rinn at around 8:30AM (this is the time we agreed on, correct?). 

I will print out all the required materials for the conference and bring them along. 

Our covenant will NOT be meeting next Sunday the 6th, but will resume on Sunday the 13th at 2PM. 

Next Nursery Steps: Carpet Shampoo, put puzzle floor covering in room, move in nursery items. 

Bryson, can you continue to keep us in the loop with regard to the district meeting requirements. I suppose these next steps would best be saved for after that meeting especially if we have to setup that room again  [&#X1f60a]  

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!


From: Kris Novik <knovik@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2016 2:49 PM
To: Pastor Bryson Lillie; Mike & Ginny Shaw; Ruth Fuss; Kat Mann
Subject: Minutes: Sunday, February 21st 2016

- Nursery Planning (Leslie Letter constructed, sent out today) and execution. 
- Thoughts on Sunday School, rotating lessons to accommodate weeks of attendee absence (art lesson, theological lesson)
- Conversation about the cancellation of the Children's Sermon, what message are we sending to visitors when adults go up front? Should we stop this? Perhaps we should children's sermon one Sunday a month after Communion 
- We must further our strengths into new things at Rinn. 

- Bulletin discussion. Not the cost of the paper, it's the cost of the printing. The new bulletins look good, but there are some concerns that the print is too small. Perhaps we can print 10 larger copies. 

- The bulb in the projector is getting worse. If we cannot replace the bulb do we buy a new projector (these are not as expensive as I thought $500-$700) or do we replace the projector with two large TVs on either side of the alter (60inch TVS can be purchased for about $700 or $800). Who recommends changes such as these. Should the WCI push forward on this? Can we get discounted TVs somewhere? Do we have AV savvy people to turn to? The projector projection is starting to look pretty darn sad   and we need to update the alter area. 

Thanks for all of your help moving the furniture around. We have a nice clear space, now we just need to clean it up a little.   

Meeting adjourned - 15:00
Nursery clean up completed - 15:45
We will be meeting next Sunday at 2PM. 

Expect an email from Bryson sometime this week with condensed information about the Mission InSite Report. We will be discussing how we can work in the community and make an impact on those in the tri-town area. 

Let me know if you have any questions! Hope you all have a great week!!

February 21 and 28, 2015