As of August 2015, Rinn Church has been invited to be one of four churches participating in the Rocky Mountain Conference's inaugural Whole Church Initiative (WCI) program. According to to the WCI's website it is an intentional process designed to help local congregations embrace their mission to make disciples and develop relevant next steps for living that mission out. It is rooted in spiritual practices and takes seriously the idea that God is still working in our communities.

Just to give you an idea of how it works, the structure of the WCI is built around the Vital Ministry Process. A team based approach to doing the work of the church. Participating churches will learn this process and how to apply it beyond the WCI.

Each church will need to designate a lay convener. This person should be part of the WCI team and they will be responsible for the process along with the pastor. The convener and the pastor are the ones that will receive information from the cohort facilitator and conference staff about logistics of the WCI process.

First Step, Building your team.
The WCI team should include 6 people plus the appointed pastor. Participation on this team should be by invitation. The Pastor and local church Lay Leader should strategize about who is best suited to participate. While there are no formal requirements some basic guidelines should be followed.

Servanthood attitudes – non-dominating, reflective listeners, willing to face fears.
Ideally Second-chair leaders (or demonstrate potential) – A second chair leader is someone who has a history of and will always support the first chair leader, and will always think of the needs of the congregation ahead of any specific task.[1]
FAT – Faithful, Available, Teachable
Busy people can be a good pick, but those with time management issues will probably struggle with the commitment.
Mutual Brokenness – no “perfect” people
Should be given time to pray about it before committing.
At least one new person. Someone who has started attending regularly in the last 3-5 years.
DO NOT simply use your Church Council or other formal church committee.

Participation in this team is not subject to a church vote nor should it appear on your nominations report. The team should be identified by mid September.

Each team will need a Lay Convener to work in partnership with the pastor in leading the team.

Town Hall Meeting.
A town hall meeting, or something similar, should be held for everyone at the local church to come, learn about the WCI, and ask questions.

Commissioning Sunday.
Second Sunday of September, plan for a commissioning time for the team during worship. The team should be introduced during the service and the congregation invited to participate in the Liturgy of Blessing (http://wholechurchinitiative.org/overview/liturgy-of-blessing/)

Schedule eight weekly team formation meetings.
You will be provided a guide for eight weekly two-hour team formation sessions. These should be completed by November 15th.

Cohort training sessions.
Teams will participate in cohorts consisting of all the teams from participating churches near by. Mark you calendars for the 5 in person cohort training sessions. All members from all teams from participating churches in your area will gather for these Saturday training events. Each sessions runs 10am-3pm and includes lunch.

Dates: November 7th, January 9th, February 6th, March 5th, April 9th.

For More information, access the WCI website by clicking the logo below. Any questions? Contact Pastor Bryson

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