3783 Bella Rosa Parkway (WCR20)

Frederick, CO 80504

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Some Scenes from Cowboy Church

Branded by the Lord

Rinn’s Cowboy Christian Fellowship has been a treasured part of our congregation since its inception in 2005. Led by Mike Shaw and Terry Lewis, its focus harkens back to a time when life was less complex and focused on the joys of land, liberty and livestock.

Do you need to be cowboy or an aficionado of western culture to attend Rinn’s Cowboy Fellowship? Absolutely not! Although many cowboys, cowgirls, and other enthusiasts attend, others come from every background and walk of life. Essentially, if you would rather wear jeans than dress up; if you enjoy country or blue grass music; if you like rubbing elbows with plain down to earth people;  and if you want clear, simple messages you can dialogue with, you will love our Cowboy Fellowship!

We meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the Sanctuary. During our time together we enjoy the music of local musicians, engage in stirring studies of the Bible and pray for one another. It is a very dynamic and fulfilling group, so we hope you’ll stop by!

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"Extending the message of hope to the Carbon Valley and Eastern Longmont"