Frequently Asked Questions

  • WHat is Worship Like at Rinn Church?

Our worship service includes a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. We love singing the familiar hymns and embrace more youthful songs.  We meet for about an hour, during which the congregation engages in a responsive liturgy, hymn singing and group prayer. Rev Lin's sermon usually runs about 20-minutes with a children's message that takes five minutes. We celebrate Holy Communion on the First Sunday of every month. During Advent (Christmas) and Lent (Easter) seasons we create special programs and services.

  • What do PEOPLE wear TO rinn church?  

We are an easy-going group with a mix of ages. Some wear jacket and tie while others wear jeans and casual wear. Sometimes folks come right from work!

  • What if my baby cries or my kids are noisy?

We love kids at Rinn Church and that means that we love their wiggling too. They are welcome in worship and we have a special children's story early in the service. Afterwards they are dismissed to children's church. If you have an infant, we have a clean, bright "Cry Room" right behind the sanctuary where you can go and still hear the service audio.  We also have a nursery for kiddos ages 0-4. It is located in the northwest corner of the building. There are two safe sanctuary trained adults (the Program the United Methodist Church uses to help train and certify people who work with Children and Vulnerable Adults) present in the nursery at all times. We ask for you to sign your children in, if there is an issue, we can text you so we don't have to interrupt worship. There are also crayons and pictures for kids to color in the sanctuary. 

  • Can I take communion if I am not a member?

Holy Communion (the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper) is served once a month and administered to all who wish to receive it. Since Christ’s sacrifice was made for all, his table is open to anyone wishing for a deeper connection with his grace and church.  We generally present communion by intinction, which means you’ll dip a small piece of bread into the chalice. We use unfermented grape juice rather than wine to be inclusive of kids and folks with an aversion to alcohol. We also use hand sanitizer as to not spread germs. A gluten free option is also available.

  • What do I do if I've not been baptized?

No worries, you are welcome no matter what. But we hope that you would feel God moving in your heart and feel led to become a full part of our faith community. If so, talk with the Pastor. 

  • What do you believe?

Methodists believe that God created all things and loves the creation very much. We believe God was incarnate and revealed uniquely through Jesus Christ, who continues to be active in our lives through the Holy Spirit.  We believe we are saved through faith in Christ, which motivates us to pursue holiness of heart and life, individually and within our community.

We claim the Bible as our primary authority. It is the greatest story in all the universe and history. Yet, we believe in interpreting it for our time and cultural context. Specifically, we view it by applying three lenses of the “Wesleyan Quadrilateral” (tradition, reason and experience), which help us affirm its relevance and meaning for our world today. We believe diversity is a good thing, that is why Methodism is thought of as "big tent Christianity." It is inherently inclusive. In essential matters of faith we strive for unity, in matters of opinion we extend liberty, and in everything we endeavor to love others as God loves us.

  • Where can I get more information about the United Methodist Church, its ministries, and its beliefs?

If you would like to know more about our denomination, its history and its local conference organizations, we recommend the following Websites. You can also talk with Rev Lin who can provide more information. 

The Mountain Sky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church -

The United Methodist Church - 

United Methodist Global Missions -

The United Methodist Reporter News Service -

History of the United Methodist Church and Wesleyan Movements- United_Methodist_Church

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